How The Thompson Technique Benefits Doctor & Patient

Doctor Benefits

Easier Adjustments

The Thompson technique has some great benefits to the practicing Chiropractor, making analysis and adjustment easier, as well as lessening the impact on the practicing doctor's body.

  • The analysis is systematic and simple to follow, allowing the doctor to locate a vertebral subluxation quickly and accurately.
  • The leg check analysis makes it easier to determine if a patient's legs are not equal lengths, which can contribute to issues the patient is experiencing. It also gives the doctor a distinct pre and post check so the doctor has confidence that a correction was made.
  • The Thompson Table allows for less wear and tear on the doctor's body when providing an adjustive thrust. The Thompson table was developed by Dr. Thompson to provide a more gentle adjustment for both the patient and the doctor.

Patient Benefits

As a student at Palmer School of Chiropractic, Dr. Thompson noticed the adjusting tables had not been updated in many years. The new principle of the drop mechanism allows for a much more gentle and effective adjustment for the patient and doctor. The Chiropractor can provide a correction with the patient in more neutral positions than the earlier techniques and the speed of the drop piece allows the doctor to use much less force while continuing to get positive results.

The Chiropractor is educated in the location and correction of Vertebral Subluxation. Dr. Thompson understood that the "doctor" walked in with the patient. What did he mean by this? Dr. Thompson understood that there is an intelligence in all living things. This innate inborn intelligence is always working to heal and maintain homeostasis. When a Vertebral Subluxation exists in a patient, there is interference in the communication system of the body. Innate Intelligence is not able to fully express herself. Once the Chiropractic adjustment is given, Innate is free to do her work without interference and our patient is able to live as he or she was designed to. Innate Intelligence is the "doctor" within our patient. The Thompson Technique works with this inborn intelligence to locate and correct Vertebral Subluxation.