Mission & History

"By eliminating spinal subluxations in an organized orderly fashion, from above down and inside out, the Thompson practitioner will begin to verify the corrections he is making on the patient's spine."
– J. Clay Thompson

Preserving the Technique for Future Generations

The J. Clay Thompson Technique Foundation has been dedicated to preserving the history and methods of the groundbreaking chiropractic work pioneered by J. Clay Thompson in the 1950s.

As board members of the foundation, we hope that patients and aspiring doctors gain valuable insight, inspiration, and ultimately, healing from our efforts.

Working together, we have the ability to share information between colleagues and participate in ongoing research and development to continue improving the field of chiropractic and sharing our accumulated knowledge with others. Our efforts have helped bring continuity to seminars, college lectures, and teaching certifications.

The J. Clay Thompson Technique Foundation is a non-profit organization.

If you're interested in joining us in your pursuit as a Certified Doctor, contact the board for information.

Thompson Board Members

  • Beth Zogg DC, President
  • Marni Capes DC, Vice President
  • Aram Gomez, Secretary
  • Tom Kenny, Treasurer
  • Caitlyn Hanson DC
  • Greg Demetrious DC
  • John Thornhill DC
  • Joaquin Farias
  • Steve Agocs DC
  • Roberto Chalukian DC